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Political Science Department

Name Thesis Title Supervisor Date of Honour
L Bino Devi Development and working of Imphal Municipal Board 1956-1980 Dr M Horam 02 Mar 1985
N Ibohal Singh Judicial System in Manipur prior to 1891 AD Dr N Ibobi Singh 12 Aug 1987
Siamkhum Guite A study of changing faces of Paite Community Prof L P Sinha 13 Dec 1989
Gurumayum Ibochouba Sharma Legialstive Control over public expenditure – A case study of Manipur State (1972-1979) Prof L P Sinha 01 Oct 1990
Laishram Dhanabir Singh Political participation in Manipur (1940 – 1984) Dr N Ibobi Singh 04 Feb 1991
H Swarnamayee Devi A comparative study of political integration of north east states with India upto 1950 Dr N Ibobi Singh 06 Feb 1991
Karam Kunjani Devi The role of Governor in Indian politics with special reference to Manipur Dr Ksh Bimola Devi 25 April 1991
Naoroibam Irabot Singh Status of Meitei women in Manipur Prof M Horam 10 Oct 1991
Haobam Indrakumar Singh Thailand – India relation (1782 – b1882) A study of cultural aspect Prof M Horam 03 Oct 1992
Sapam Rajendra Singh The Janata Government and the World Affairs : A study of India’s foreign policy under the Janata Govt. Prof M Horam 08 06 1993
Thokchom Binarani Devi Social and political changes in Manipur (1947 – 87) Prof Ksh Bimola Devi 22 Dec 1994
L Jeyaseelam Christianity and its impact. Socio-political and economic with special reference to Churachandpur District of Manipur Prof M Horam 17 Apr 1995
Chingkholian Guite Politico-economic development of the Zomis of Manipur Statehood Dr Ratna Tikoo 30 Apr 1996
Senjam Mangi Singh A study of some selected socio-political problems in Manipur Prof M Horam 04 Oct 1997
Salam Iboton Singh Manipur’s Relations with the Naga Hills (1824 – 1882) Dr Arun Kumar Singh 24 Aug 1999
R Wongkhuimi Valui Socio Political Aspects of Education in Manipur with special reference to Ukhrul District (1896-1996) Prof M Horam 15 Sept 1999
Benjamin Gangmei The operational aspects of Indian Federalism – Problems of peripheral divisive trend Dr S Rajen Singh 09 Oct 2000
Mohd Karimuddin Shah The working of Manipur Legislative Assembly, 1972-1990 Dr SMAW Chishti 09 Oct 2000
Lt Col Tensubam Hemo Singh Insurgency in Manipur Prof Ksh Bimola Devi 21 Nov 2001
Salam Dhanachandra Singh Working of UN volunteers in India and Malaysia (1971 - 1991) Dr Ratna Tikoo 13 Feb 2002
Oinam Kulabidhu Singh Electoral Politics in Manipur 1980 – 1995 Prof Ksh Bimola Devi 27 May 2002
Langpoklakpam Suraj Singh Movement for democracy in Myanmar, 1988 – 1997 Dr K Ibo Singh 25 Aug 2003
Ninghorla Zimik Traditional Political Institutions and the contemporary changes among the Tangkhul Nagas of Manipur Prof Ksh Bimola Devi 25 Feb 2004
Adhikarimayum Basanta Sharma The emergence and working of Manipur People’s Party and the Kuki National Assembly in Manipur : A comparative study Prof Ksh Bimola Devi 30 Mar 2005
Alana Golmei The Zeiangrong Nagas in Manipur : A socio-political study Prof Ratna Tikoo 19 May 2005
Nongmaithem Shantibala Devi Urbanisation in Manipur and its political implications Dr G I Sharma 28 May 2005
Sougrakpam Roma Devi Women and Panchayati Raj in Manipur 14 June 2005
R Merry Rose Working of District Council in Manipur Prof M Horam 04 July 2005
Jangkhongam Doungel The role and working of the Lai Autonomous District Council, Mizoram Prof Kh Bimola Devi 02 Sept 2005
Ruolkhumzo Traditional administrative system and customary laws of the Hmars in Manipur Dr S Mangi Singh 12 Oct 2005
Maibam Suresh Kumar State Assembly Elections in Manipur 1990 – 2000 A study of voting behaviour Dr SMAW Chishti 28 Nov 2005
Thingbaijam Ushakiran Devi District Administration in Manipur since 1972 onwards Dr SMAW Chishti 08 Dec 2005
Khelena Gurumayum Political empowerment of women: A case study of Manipur Prof Ratna Tikoo 23 Mar 2006
Ng Ngalengnam Politics in Manipur 1971 – 2001 AD Prof M Horam 04 Nov 2006
Gaisinlung Kahmei The political process in Manipur (1947 – 1995) Prof S Rajendra Singh 06 Feb 2007
Aheibam Koireng Singh Kuki-Naga conflict in Manipur (1990 – 2000) Dr S Mangi Singh 19 Feb 2007
Md Abdul Salam Political participation of Muslims in Manipur (1948 – 2000) Dr Dhanabir Laishram 22 Mar 2007
Bijit Goswami Socio-Political study of Tea Garden Labour in Barak Valley, Assam : A case study of Katogorah Legislative Assembly constituency Prof S Rajen Singh 24 Mar 2007
Wahengbam Sushma Devi Modernisation and its socio-economic impact on Meitei women Prof Ratna Tikoo 05 Apr 2007
Rajkumar Sanajaoba Singh A study of the life and political activities of Hijam Iravat Singh (1896 - 1951) Prof S Rajen Singh 08 May 2007
Ningthoujam Shachi Devi Democratic decentralization as a step towards political development: A study of the Panchayati Institutions of Imphal East and West Districts (1975 – 1997) Dr G I Sharma 07 July 2007
Elangbam Girani Singh The Panchayati Raj and Rural Development in Thoubal District, Manipur Dr H Indrakumar Singh 24 Aug 2007
Loitongbam Dorendro Singh The working of the Panchayati Raj Institutions in Manipur Prof Ksh Bimola Devi 25 Sept 2007
Khangjrakpam Gourachandra Singh, Political Development in Manipur (1984-2002) Prof S Rajendra Singh 25 Jan 2008
Ashalata Maisnam The Trend of voting Behaviour in Manipur (1972 -2000 AD): A Case study of Thongju Assembly Constituency Prof Ksh Bimola Devi 03 Mar 2008
Chingshubam Rupachandra Singh Identity Crisis and its Political Implications in Manipur Dr Dhanabir Laishram 16 Apr 2008
Oinam Shyam Singh Political participation in Bishnupur District, Manipur (1972 – 2002) Prof Ksh Bimola Devi 29 May 2008
Mairembam Rita Devi A socio-political study of women in Manipur Prof Ksh Bimola Devi 05 Nov 2003
Urmila Kshetrimayum Khwairamband Market, Manipur (A case study of their socio-economic and political life Prof Ratna Tikoo 05 Nov 2003